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We have an integrated management system of quality and environment that guarantees the tracking of the manufactured parts and that has been accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification by the OCA company.

The metrology department is responsible for the verification of all final products, for which we have different equipment, all of them calibrated periodically according to the internal / external calibration plan of the company. Some of the equipment are:

~ Analog and digital gaugesmetrologia avanzada 1

~ Calibres Pasa Not passing
~ External micrometers
~ Interior micrometers
~ Hardness tester
~ Roughmeter
~ Pattern Calas

For precision parts and in order to provide added value for our customers, we have a high precision coordinate measuring machine.

The industrial measurement of pieces allows to detect nonconformities before reaching the assembly, as well as to provide essential information in the phases of design and production of parts pre-series, as well as in the comparison of measurement of parts between manufacturer and buyer.

In MK3 we do 3D measures of pieces using the Coordinate Measuring Machine Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M574. The machine works with the MCOSMOS measurement software.

We offer measurement services in our metrology department. The intervention of a third part for the measurement of parts is an effective resource to absorb peaks of work, have high precision equipment and have an independent evaluation carried out by an external company, saving in the production processes and an improvement of quality.

Our service quality is guaranteed by our technicians expertise and efficiency. We have a consolidated experience in metrology and also a high quality equipments of measure.

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Telf: +34 93 544 00 83

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