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seguridades y maquinaria 1Since the publication of Royal Decree 1215/1997 which establishes the minimum health and safety provisions for the use by workers of work equipment, many companies need to adapt their machinery.

For machines marketed or put into service before 1/1/1995, the same users are responsible for the relevant modifications to comply with said Royal Decree. The process they must follow is as follows:

~ Conformance report.
~ Adaptation of the machine according to the report.
~ Verification that the adequacy has been done correctly.
~ Period of conservation of the documentation justifying all of the above: the entire useful life of the equipment.

On the other hand, for machines marketed or put into service after 1/1/1995, the same manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the machine complies with the minimum conditions stipulated in Royal Decree 1435/92. In this case, the procedure to follow is as follows:

~ Preparation of the technical file complying with safety regulations.
~ Construction of the machine according to the technical file.
~ CE Marking (Directive 98/37 / EC)
~ Operating instructions, CE Declaration of Conformity.

From this moment it is the client who has to fulfill the following:

~ Acquire the machine with CE marking and CE Declaration of Conformity.
~ Use it according to RD 1215/1997.
~ Make sure that the machine continues to comply with Royal Decree 1435/92 (Directive 98/37 / EC) throughout its life


Telf: +34 93 544 00 83

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