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Our line of work as an engineer is identify and understand the most important obstacles to do a good design. Some of the obstacles are the available resources, physical or technical limitations, flexibility for future modifications and additions, and other factors such as cost, the possibility of carrying it out, aesthetic and comercial considerations. By understanding the obstacles we deduce which are the best solutions to face the limitations encountered when an object has to be produced and used.

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~ Maintenance and Transportation Systems
~ Storage systems by horizontal carousels.
~ Vertical storage systems
~ Industrial automation and software
~ Maintenance programs
~ Safety regulations according to EC regulations
~ Metal slat conveyors
~ Robotic applications, Electrical installations and Automation.


We look for customized solutions for our clients

From the development and manufacture of electrical control panels for machinery manufacturers, to the complete automation of industrial plants with SCADA or HMI systems.

Working with own methods of development, compiled in the experience of the work in conjunction with a varied selection of engineering in different sectors. Or using specific Standard of the final client.

All this using the most appropriate technology for each case, from small systems optimized in costs, to the most reliable integrated systems.

Development of electrical projects, both in a single system, as well as structured projects with installation and location. Made through the E-plan platform
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Integration and optimization of Robot, both in isolated projects of manipulation, as realization of robotic welding islands where we have worked experience, in firms such as Fanuc, ABB, Kuka ...

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Only with the use of leading brands and with the maximum experience and a good team of collaborators, we can achieve our goal: to offer our clients reliable projects that meet all their requirements and needs.

In the integration of automated systems we always use signatures of the order of Allen Bradley (Rockwell)

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We bet on the use of modern systems, such as the field-bus for the realization of both decentralized periphery, and for data acquisition, in order to carry out product traceability studies.

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Development of HMI and Scada Programs facilitating the understanding of management and giving more autonomy to the client, providing tools for adjustment and quick troubleshooting.

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Telf: +34 93 544 00 83

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